Right to stash.

Being a cyber squirrel is a right. Here, you can deposit crypto, and let your frens claim it later with a secret link. This is a fully decentralised and unstoppable app. No one can stop you from stashing your stuff. Be a cyber squirrel.

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Right to fetch.

Being a cyber squirrel is a right. Fetch stashed crypto at any time with your secret link:

This will require 2 transactions: One to lock your deposit (so you don't get frontrun) and one to claim your deposit. You will have 100 blocks of time, or about 15 minutes to claim the second transaction.

fetch confirmed

You dug up your stash and retrieved your funds. You are a cyber squirrel. You feel empowered. They can't sanction you.

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> Is it decentralised?
>>> Yes, Squirrel is unstoppable, fully decentralised and its frontend is on IPFS.
> Why does it matter?
>>> It's your right to be a cyber squirrel!
> Uses cases?
>>> Wallet-less stashing for yourself, send crypto seamlessly, reward puzzle solving!
> Can I build on this?
>>> Yes, it's all unlicensed and the few bits of js and css we used are MIT or unlicensed. Let us know what thoughts you have!
> Is it safe?
>>> We don't know but we hope so. Try attacking it and let us know!
> Show me the contracts
>>> Sure! Goerli, Polygon, Optimism, Moonbeam

> Check out our other projects
>>> hugo
>>> konrad
> special thanks to roshan & justin, and the entire ethberlin 22 crowd
> we'd love hear from you and see what you build on this
> unlicense